Continuing to get message that plasmic-host is ready

It keeps saying this in my localhost ::

Your app is ready to host Plasmic Studio!

On the Dashboard, click on the Config button, and set <http://localhost:3000/host> as the host URL.

You can find more information about app-hosting here.

Although my config is already set up to that link. It worked a few hours back but now it’s showing this… Does anyone know why it keeps displaying this?

OK, you’ve already configured a Plasmic project to point to that URL?

What happens when you then click into the project - what do you see?

Oh, I think I understand what you mean - that message will always be there / it doesn’t go away.

/plasmic-host is a special hidden route not meant for humans to visit - it’s just there for Plasmic Studio to hook into.

You just need to open the project from within Plasmic - let me know if that makes sense

Oh I see thank you so much it makes sense!