Converting all unit sizes from PX to REM

Hey Plasmic team, is there a way with code perhaps, to convert all the unit sizes from PX to REM? I was thinking of creating a chrome extension to do this, but the editor is not exposed for JS. Is there another API/ interface I can work with to get this done? I would use it for all studio projects

You can set the default font size in the default styles left sidebar tab, does that help? It won’t affect your existing adhoc sizes applied throughout the design and will affect anything that has an explicitly overridden the font size and for all new elements going forward

hmm not necessarily @yang

So what I’m referring to is every single size that was set,

width, height, font size, padding and margins

so I want a way to iterate over all of em, and then change them from a px size to a REM size according to a defined calculation if that makes sense.

Unfortunately no way to do that and retroactively change font sizes everywhere, only to set the default font size

ah ok got it @yang and for developers it would also not be able to build a plugin for this ? In other words these sizes are not exposed in any way?

That’s correct, unfortunately there’s no (stable/supported) way to do this using chrome extensions