Copy components between projects

How can I copy a component from one project to another? I see that I can import a project and use the published components but I want to merge the projects and copy all the components over so I only have source in one project.

Easiest way we found was to use the import functionality.“Imported%20projects”%20left,%2C%20and%20click%20“Import”.

Yeah Import just lets you reuse a component defined in another project. I want to have the component moved to the other project so it’s source is in the new project.

once you import, you could right-click “clone” the component, which would copy the component into your project. If you have multiple components that you want to copy here, and they use one another, it gets trickier; you’ll want to first “clone” (though the cloned components will still be using the imported versions of other components), and then right-click “replace all instances” of the imported components with the cloned components