Copy imported styles in one click.

it’d be great if you could duplicate all the imported styles in a single click; that way you can import a project that has the styles you’re looking for, but then you can de-import it once you’re done copying the styles

Sorry, I haven’t followed, do you mean to be able to import solely the tokens and mixins present in a project ?

this is the current capability to duplicate a style token; you can right click on each individual token to duplicate it; but there isn’t a way to do it in bulk; for instance if you were to right click on the bolded title and it had the ability to duplicate all

an added bonus; is that if a project has different global variables for color themes that have been set; that those would be able to be copied over too

as I’m thinking about it; I wonder if the whole Style Tokens feature might be something that could be outside of each project like the CMS is so that it is something that can integrated into the project

I see your point, I do believe that the global variants set could be copied over if they are matching screen variants. I see the point about having it outside projects as the CMS case, but this could lead to more complexity in project management

Yes, for the antd we use their algorithm to generate tokens based on the proposed theme in studio

o0o0o; interesting; I did some digging and enjoyed looking through this code

seems like that is the code behind selecting a single color and multiple colors being generated from it like is demod here