Copying code components between projects

Can you copy/paste code components from 1 project to another via Plasmic Studio?

Not directly, but you can do this:

Thx - I did do this, but found I needed to copy this time round.

Yeah just to clarify that last section describes a way to copy (remove the imported project)

I see - thx that helps heaps.

So if I delete the import. Can I then via the studio, Push to GitHub and Call Webhooks to deploy to Vercel, without getting errors like this one looking for my Chakra UI code component.

If I clone the repo I created via Push to GitHub. Then yarn dev and point project to local host, I get the error:

Project ID is:

Would you be able to use loader instead? We try to warn that codegen is much more advanced, and you would need to be able to navigate issues like this one in order to wield it effectively. (Requires you to be a proficient developer)

OK. As we are committing to Codegen. I’ll get a Developer to reach out to you guys if they can’t work this out.
To help them on there way, is it best to initialise a Nexjs + Codegen project via Plasmic CLI in stead of Plasmic Studio publish?

Got this working with out a proficient developer.
I think it’s important that hybrid like me can work this out as we need to sell this hybrid workflow, especially as Plasmic can be a perceived threat to a developer.
“So you are trying to do us FED’s out of a job” - a recent FED comment I had.