Could we have the spacing property inline?

Could we have the spacing property inline (or a toggle to just use fields) instead and in separate menu + input field instead of this pop-up? Over the past week, I’ve noticed that our non-technical folks have been having some issues understanding how this specific UI works. And from my perspective, it’s annoying having an additional step that’s needed for modifying a common property.

Current flow changing to values:

  1. Click on spacing
    a. This step adds up over time. With the animation that’s applied, you also have to wait until it’s done before any actions can be made, and if you try to click on it before it fully opens, it’ll close.
  2. Click on padding-top button
  3. Set the new value
  4. Click on padding-bottom button
  5. Set new value
    Proposed flow:
  6. Click on padding top field
  7. Set value
  8. Click on padding bottom field
  9. Set value

Thank you for the feedback! It’s also possible to type multiple numbers into the input box to avoid interacting with the side picker, but yes, agree the side picker has always been a bit clunky…

I do like the ability to set specific combinations of values on the fly but agree the interface is a little non-intuitive for non-technical folks

The issue with typing in the multiple input values is you lose access to using design tokens