Create pagination for blog listing page.

Hi, i have created dynamic blog template to show blog content taken from plasmic cms itself. also i have a blog listing page showing all blogs on the page how can i achieve pagination for that please consider that i am not using any codebase only plasmic is it possible to create this pagination from plasmic only.
Thank you.

If you are using the plasmic CMS components, you should be able to find options in there for setting limits and offsets

Also on the listing page, under the page data tab, you should be able to add URL query parameters. So you can add a perimeter called page, which takes a number. Then you can set the plasmic CMS fetchers offset and limit to a dynamic value based on this page number.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Hi, @yang thanks for the reply but i am new to plasmic and not able to carry out this process could you please share any example.