Create starter repo for Plasmic app with Million.js support.

Another product roadmap request: Would love to see you all release and maintain a starter repo that’s a full, complex, baseline for a web app built on plasmic. The tamagui team has clearly found their “takeout” starter a successful way to fund their open source UI library which makes me think it would at least be a positive NPV project for you all. But even if not I think it’d be reasonable to frame it as a marketing effort as it would attract interest from the no/low code crowd while also adding value for those who find it helpful to look at an example app to see how you all recommend they structure a more complex plasmic app.

The dream is to be able to click on a template when launching a new project, go through a walkthrough that asks me to add my supabase keys, stripe keys, and maybe Google analytics or similar info, run a migration to setup teams authentication etc. Essentially an opinionated b2b starter app for the no code crowd that would allow this type of project to be done without dropping into an IDE. Even if the first version required editing env variables in a cloud IDE like replit I think it would still be really useful.

Feature request: Curious if plasmic is compatible with million.js

And if so - would love to see a toggle to include it in the deploy process.