Created a landing page but facing issues deploying it to GitHub Pages

Hello Team,
I have created a landing page but I am facing issues in deploying it to GitHub pages. Its been more than 10 mins, but says page not found. All actions were complete on GitHub. Anyway to troubleshoot it?

Hi @cuddly_raccoon, can you share your GitHub repo with me? There is an “Actions” tab in it where you can see the workflow jobs and there’s a “gh-pages” branch where the build should be. Those are two good starting points to debug.

Oh, I think your site is here:

It’s just a URL issue; set your home page path to “/” instead of “/home” and things should work :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, such a newbie! :slight_smile:

Another question I wanted to ask: I saw recently a Navbar component was added to Plasmic but I don’t think it works like the hamburger way as we see in mobile sites. Can you confirm?

Yes, the idea of that component is to provide a wide-open menu and a hamburger menu depending on the screen size (you can set a breakpoint to it)