Creating a component doesn't put it into base, but only in a variant

Hey @chungwu Hope you are well :slightly_smiling_face: I have a question : when I have a project ( Mobile first) and design my elements on a page eg — a button - then right click the outer Stack and convert / create component — It doesnt put the element into the base? but rather only into the Screen variant canvas … Is this normal behavour - ? as this means I cant create a hover / pressed variant ? Video attached

Hi @fragile_hummingbird, sorry the UX for that specific operation is a bit confusing right now, but you’ll want to disable the recording mode (click the red floating toolbar to toggle it) when doing this particular operation.

Basically, when recording is on, newly inserted elements are visible in the variant only, and when recording is off, inserted elements are visible in the base.

And a “create component” operation actually inserts a new instance of the resulting component. (We realize this is a super technical detail and want to simplify it!)

Thanks so much for the explanation! Really appreciate