Creating a gradient style token.

Hi, do you know how to create a gradient style token? I can’t seem to find it. Actually I would like to put the gradient color on the border of a text.
If i go to style token-> colour-> I can’t create a gradient there.

There isn’t currently a way to set a gradient as a token unfortunately…

Is this something that might be in the pipeline? I’m looking to have gradients be available for tokens.

For example, I’m creating a component for Social Icons and want have both a solid variant and a colorized variant. I have created a project specifically for icons. Within that project, I have set tokens for specific brand colors. In the variant for the social icons, I am changing the icon color to a color token of their brand. I’m able to do that for most all icons, except for Instagram, where I’m not able to set a token for it because their brand color is actually a gradient. So, I’m left with either breaking their brand guidelines and just doing a solid color or using an entirely different icon that is different than the rest of the pack.