Creating blog pagination with Plasmic CMS.

Hi, how do i create pagination for blogs inserted from plasmic cms itself.

we don’t quite have a full example out there but we recently introduced “count” mode to the cms fetcher component. So you can basically:
• Set up blog list page like /blog/pages/[index]
• Use the CMS fetcher in count mode to calculate how many posts, and thus how many pages there should be
• Create a link that repeats once per page, linking to the blog list page with the right page number
• In the CMS fetcher where you are fetching blog posts, set the offset prop based on the $ctx.params.index page url parameter (so for example, if your page size is 10, offset should be $ctx.params.index * 10, etc.

Hi, @chungwu Sorry but i am new to plasmic could you please create me an example would really appreciate the help.
Thank you.