Creating blog with custom articles using Plasmic CMS.

ok so I’m trying to make this blog like Wikipedia but only me have an account on it so i can upload custom articles. how do I do that without getting into that technical stuff i only want to use the web designer tool right? so i want to be able to create my account on plasmic so ic an login and then have my own dashboard where i can upload my articles where i can edit name and text and upload images right and when i press upload i want it to be on the front page for example how do i do this? and how can I create admin accounts that can also upload articles if you get what I mean using plasmic cms

You can use plasmic as your dashboard/admin UI. You would just use the normal team and sharing capabilities within the plasmic dashboard.

how do u make automated things like when i upload a post using the plasmic dashboard? and it would go to the website?

See here for a video tutorial of how it works:

If you use Plasmic hosting the website refreshes about once every 10 min