Creating carousel testimonial module

Hi everyone, I wanted to build a carousel testimonial module on Plasmic that behaves like the one in the recording. Any tips on how to achieve this? I know that there is a slider component, but I don’t think it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

To start with I used responsive columns to create a static module, but ideally I would be able to swipe the cards to view more testimonials.

Hi, I’m not sure there is a configuration of the slider component that would make it look exactly like that. It does have the option to display multiple items on screen at a time, it does have the ability to swipe through things while locking the alignment to the item, and it does support displaying dots on the bottom, but if you need something more exact, then I think the best bet is to create a custom code component that can achieve this

I think the biggest blocker for me is that I can only add images to the slider component (I think). I would like to be able to add other components such as a testimonial card. Is that possible or only if we create a custom code component?

You actually can add any content for each “slide”! It’s not limited to just images, you can add a container (say, a vertical stack) and put text, images, other layout elements, etc. inside of it

Ah good to know, thank you!