Creating menu with Plasmic and Strapi integration

hi i got plasmic with strapi integrated, i would like to create the menu but with strapi, plasmic supports that kind of integration? i know plasmic can show strapi fields, but i installed menu plugin from strapi and its not working i mean the menu is not getting shown. What you guys recommend me ? to have my menu dynamic

Is the menu data just normal strapi content? If so you should be able to consume it the normal way and render your menu however you want using dynamic values in plasmic

no, i used a plugin in strapi* for example

as i needed dropdown menu etc, i use that plugin* this will be the menu, nested

you can see dropdown etc

im trying with this but not sure how to show all menu at once

Do you see the data in those numbers items?

yes for example this will be one nested menu, Services is the menu and submenu Internet

any chance to display the menu in plasmic with those kind of answer?

I think I see the issue. The built-in strapi integration doesn’t support fetching nested data, but you can fork and extend it to do so and pass in the additional query parameter for nested data.

yea i talk with Icaro he told me : But I’ll be talking to the team about this new feature for the Strapi Collection. Im not a coder to fork and do that kind of job :frowning:

for now i will create a fixed menu