Creating Plasmic plugins and sharing components.

Hey guys. Is there any way to create plugins for Plasmic. Or better, is there any way to share components, tokens, etc, between projects?

Hi! Yes, you can import assets like tokens and components from one project to another. LMK if this helps:

thanks @victor. And o
if I want to create a custom code exporter, is that possible?

hmmm what do you mean by a custom code exporter?

I would like to create a plugin or something to pre-process the code generated by plasmic

oh… are you using codegen? maybe one way to accomplish this could be to use a pre-commit hook?

my idea is to have an customized “handoff”. I’m trying to use Plasmic as a replacement for Figma for my design team. The idea is to get prototypes much closer to the production version. So I need to get a way to process the components and screens created in Plasmic Studio so I can output code in the format the dev team expects. I know Plasmic is much closer to Low Code platforms than Figma like platforms. But I really believe we can start using Plasmic as a prototype tool. Then, in a future, use Plasmic as a no-code tool to deliver pages to production.

I’m thinking about explore the rest api + SDUI to achieve that. But I also thinks that a plugin ecosystem for PlasmicEditor would be awesome. I can imagine plugins like: Design Linter, Inpect component and prints the output code (handoff), etc