Creating web-apps with Plasmic without coding

Hi Plasmic Community! I have been searching for some time for a good no-code / low-code tool to create web-apps with. I really like the fact that I will not be locked-in, but Plasmic does seem quite difficult to use for those who cannot code.

Is it possible to create fully functioning web-apps/saas with Plasmic, without writing a single line of code? My goal is to create (small) niche ai-powered web-apps that I can built without a team (and without a developer)

I am curious to hear whether you think Plasmic is the right tool for me, and any suggestions are very welcome aswell.

Thank you in advance!

As a community member, my suggestion is to take a look at the two following videos and see if that answers the question for yourself.

I feel like generally the answer is yes; but once you start talking about “ai-powered web-apps” that you’d want to build without a team or a developer; you’re getting into more advanced features; and the capability of the tool allows you to do that; but if you yourself or anyone working with you do not understand the basics of coding, you’re going to really struggle to get it done even if it is technically possible through the tool.

I would suggest going through the “crawl, walk, run” to build what you’re trying to do:

  1. build the website first, make it static
  2. turn the website into a dynamic application
  3. add whatever AI features you’re looking to have once you have the app working
    by going through the workflow in that way, you’ll be getting the skills you need yourself as a non-developer to be able to manage and maintain the app for when it needs troubleshooting and something goes wrong