Custom code components are not displayed in Plasmic Studio


I’m using Plasmic (Codegen) in a Next.js project and encountered the following problem, I’m not sure if it’s a bug, maybe I missed some point:

I create code components, register them, the components are added to Plasmic Studio.
But on the canvas, as you can see on the screenshot, the components are not displayed:

Although locally and in production they are displayed.

Here is my code:





I’m not able to access this application host since it’s running on your localhost.

Are you able to provide a minimal reproducible example in a public github repo?

If you can also provide the Plasmic project pointing to a public URL, then we would be able to open the project as well.

We can then take a closer look.

Hi @yang, unfortunately, due to NDA I am not able to provide more information than what was in the original post.

But thanks for your reply anyway.

Is it just specific components that are having the issue? If you try rendering a simple div like the Hellow World example from the Next.js quickstart, does that work for you?

Can you try the suggestions here?

Try from a brand new create-plasmic-app. Are you able to get the Hello World example from the Next.js quickstart to show up?

From there, try to debug and see what are the differences with your own codebase.

I will try the suggested options.
Thank you!