Custom font is not showing up in Plasmic Studio

:wave: First time here, and a bit newbie with both Plasmic and Gatsby.

My issue is with a custom font called “Outfit” which I cannot add it correctly while using Gatsby.

  1. I have created the /styles/global.css file and imported it into the gatsby-ssr.tsx file. (I think this is irrelevant for making this work, since is only the preload)
  2. I imported the global.css into the index.tsx file.
    :information_source: Forgot to mention, that the variable font file was added in the /static/fonts directory.


Oh, I think I missed this part of documention. Still, I can’t use that font as default style. :disappointed:

Ok, I figured out that you can manually add its name in the Custom fonts area, and it will be displayed in Default styles as well.

:white_check_mark: This issue can be treated more like an UX issue, rather than a technical bug.

Sorry for that. We will try to improve the experience in the future!