"Custom function registration issue with CodeGen in Plasmic"

Hey Everyone,
I am attempting to register a custom function, following along the docs at: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/registering-custom-functions/#scheme=codegen
I have been able to register the custom function (let’s call it testFunc) and reference it in an onClick action on a button to call it using $$.testFunc() on my TestFunction page - this works fine from the Preview window within Plasmic.
I am using CodeGen however, and when I attempt the same click action in the locally hosted version I get the following error.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

hi @detailed_minnow! Can you double check if the function is imported correctly in PlasmicTestFunction.jsx? A common mistake is to not set importPath or isDefaultExport properly

Thanks @victor. I had deleted the registration and now since readding it’s working. Now that I re-examine the docs, likely I added importName (used when importing named exports for component rego) instead of isDefaultExport (used for defining named vs default exports for function rego). Any plans to make the two consistent?