Custom OAuth in API Integration

I’m trying to integrate my app with Asana which uses OAuth for authorization to their API.

Is there a simple way to do that visually without code like how its in Bubble or Flutterflow

Hi, we aren’t working in an Asana integration currently, but you can check out the implementation of some of our integrations with other CMS’es to implement your own integration, check the contentful one for example plasmic/plasmicpkgs/plasmic-contentful at master · plasmicapp/plasmic · GitHub

Thank you, Sarah, for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I’m not a coder, so that link did not help.

Thank you for informing me that Asana integration isn’t on the roadmap; however, my question was something else. My obstacle is more related to OAuth.

Once there is an easier way with OAuth, authorising Plasmic would be accessible to every app on the planet that uses OAuth, e.g., Spotify, Google, Facebook, Twitter {X}, you name it.

To conclude, integrating the rest of the Asana API or any other app mentioned above is accessible through your Rest API; it’s that first step of authorisation through OAuth that makes it difficult for a non-coder to make.

Please find a screenshot of how Bubble went by having it. After taking that first step of making OAuth visually easy, I found the rest of the API requests simple to do.

You can say it is more of a dynamic way for it to work with all apps that require OAuth to integrate with Plasmic. After that the no coder completes the intended integration with HTTP requests.