Custom React components with Plasmic and API

Hello, I am struggling to get a complete overview of the technical setup, especially regarding one topic: custom components. Here is my question:

Can I import my custom React components from my own codebase BUT not using this codebase as the route of rendering the content?
Instead of using my React codebase, where I would develop my own/custom components, I would like to render some pages I build in Plasmic on other shop systems by importing them and rendering them through REST API. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for answers! :slight_smile:

Here is an overview of what I would like to achieve:

Hi! This is not possible. When you register your React components, Plasmic doesn’t get a “copy” of your components; instead, they are “swapped” into your Plasmic design at render time. Therefore, the components must be available where you are doing the rendering.