Customizing Mailchimp signup form

I want to customise a mailchimp signup form that I have currently set up on my plasmic page as an embedded html, which works but does not look very pretty.
are there any docs on the new Form component that was announced in the newsletter? I only found but the video is 11 months old and does seem to be about a previous low-level way to do forms.

in particular I don’t understand how I am supposed to send the action of the “Form” component I get from the plasmic studio insert menu

depending on how familiar you are with javascript you might want to do “use integration” instead of run code but something like this should work

Hi @artful_gerbil you’re right, that video is outdated. We’re still updating our docs for the latest form component but, but to unblock you, the way to use forms is they expose a state called value, which is a json object of all of the field items inside that form and their current values.

So for instance, once you insert the default form, if you select the form itself, you can add an on submit interaction.

Make this interaction use an integration such as submitting to a postgres database or to an HTTP API.

For the value to submit, pick the forms value state (as a dynamic value expression)

Please let me know if that helps!