Data fetcher results are undefined.

Hi Plasmic team, there seems to be an issue with being able to use the returned data from a data fetcher, in subsequent interaction steps. It just shows up as undefined:

Yes, the ability to reference previous step results is simply missing right now, we are actively working on this

I see… @yang is it possible to run post requests on data queries somehow?

Sorry just to clarify, you can reference past step results, you just don’t get to preview it in the editor so you are flying blind a bit

Ahhhh ok… sounds good.

Just dor clarification still, is it possible to Run post requests on Data queries in studio? @yang

Only get requests are allowed right now, is this a graphql api?

nope its a HTTP regular request @yang

and also if that is the case, can we use fetch in “run code” actions? and will the subsequent actions wait for it to finish if we use “await” ? @yang

Oh if you are asking about running in actions, then you can use post requests just fine there, it’s not limited to get requests. And yes, you can use run code to manually run a fetch as well. The place where you’re limited to get requests is in the data queries on the page data tab, which is automatically run when the page loads