Data format for pages changed

@chungwu did your data format for pages change? I used to be able to find a ‘pageMetadata’ field in there, but this is now missing… Looks like there are a lot of other changes as well, but this is the first one our code breaks on…

could you publish and try again? this should be fixed now, sorry!

@chungwu I don’t think anything changed… I am in this project: u3dfJG5ugQKxEsBPfSND2D

{‘id’: ‘CA_dwLGP0VAd’, ‘displayName’: ‘Hello World’, ‘usedComponents’: [], ‘projectId’: ‘u3dfJG5ugQKxEsBPfSND2D’, ‘name’: ‘HelloWorld’, ‘renderFile’: ‘render__CA_dwLGP0VAd.js’, ‘skeletonFile’: ‘comp__CA_dwLGP0VAd.js’, ‘cssFile’: ‘css__CA_dwLGP0VAd.css’, ‘path’: ‘/pages/test-hello-world’, ‘isPage’: True, ‘entry’: ‘render__CA_dwLGP0VAd.js’, ‘isCode’: False, ‘isGlobalContextProvider’: False, ‘metadata’: {}, ‘params’: {}}

The above is what I am seeing for each page

I get this from PLASMIC.maybeFetchComponentData(page.path)

right… the published version 5.1.0 likely contains the bug that’s been fixed, so if you publish again it should work. You can also test it by setting preview: true and seeing if you see the expected metadata

ok, I made a change in the project and publishing again now

(thanks for getting on this so quickly)

thanks; sorry!

ok, I think I got past that now… hitting another issue, but that one’s mine. Thank you.