Data integration permission error in project.

Hi there, running into this issue:
“You do not have permission to use some of the data integrations in this project. You must have at least viewer access to the Workspace that the data integrations belong to. Please contact the owner…”

My friend has added me as a developer both to the project and the workspace (originally the project was not in the workspace, but he moved it to a new workspace once we ran into this issue). He is using the Data Fetcher component with Airtable. The project ID is: mkww6k2NiRdAZs9JKcz8gN
I’ve refreshed the page/cleared cookies/relogged in


hmm is the airtable data source also defined in the same workspace?


When the error occured I transferred plasmic project from playground to a workspace, and added Theo as a developer to the workspace

Hi @chungwu let us know if we can provide more details to help fix this

ah sorry I dropped the thread, but you’ll need to move the data source into the workspace as well. First go to your playground, then the Integrations tab, right-click on the data source and move it