DataProvider issue with new "actions" updates

I’m getting the same issue with DataProvider as @observant_marlin since the new “actions” updates. Any fix coming or to avoid this bug?

also I noticed that, when opening the Data picker in Plasmic Studio (like in this case for selecting a function passed by the parent provider), after clicking save nothing happens. The only way is to switch to the “code editor” and write manually like “$ctx.provider.functionName” and then you can save (but still functions are not called

When choosing “Run code” as the action step, you would now just write the code that you want to run, rather than needing to pass it a function. But as a result, if you already have a function that you’re trying to run (with no parameters/etc.), then you have to write thatFunction() . Same with your context functions, like $ctx.provider.functionName() (add the () at the end to call it in Javascript)

but by doing that, while using providers, the plasmic studio starting spamming that function and calling it

This is a regression! Sorry for that, we are fixing it

Thanks! :white_check_mark: