Debugging server-side rendering issue on Vercel.

Hi, I’m trying to debug this issue: my website SSRs properly in development, but not in its Vercel deployment. This means the Vercel deployment doesn’t work with JS disabled. In production it returns a <div id="__next"> with only the CSS styles inside, but no actual HTML elements. Any pointers on how to debug?

It seems to happen only when using a preview: false Plasmic loader

I think preview false does not feed prefetched data to plasmic context, (if you are implementing it the same way as some examples on documentation where you have a ternary and pass undefined as the prop’s value) therefore I guess it does not render on server thus seeing what you see

I’d guess this is expected behavior cause you are relying on client’s at that point

Great so I think I may have messed up the Plasmic loaders between server and client

you could still pass the prefetch data evenin preview mode, BUT that will work only on build time

or might…
(i’m just thinking out loud)