Deleted Plasmic components from wrong project.

Hi everyone
I been working in two projects. Today because some kind of mess plasmic confuse the plasmic-host of one project to another. I press delete the component that were not present and of course I deleted those component from other project, is completely wrong, since a lot of logic and children slost in those deleted components. I never use version control of Plasmic app, only my github (using codegen). I have the old plasmic components but now i don’t have a flow to restore them in the plasmic app, since watch is always getting last version.

Please I will really appreciate your help (this issue deleted most of the app :cry: )

Hello @important_owl. We can restore the project to a previous version. When did this change happened?

Also, can you DM me your project ID?

Hi Icaro.
For sure. I will DM you now. Thank you very much.