Deleting an artboard makes the overrides get deleted, but not on component

Noticing that when deleting an artboard on a page the overrides get deleted but when deleting it on a component they are staying unchanged. Is this intended to be like that?

Hmm, can you give more specifics about what you’re seeing?

When you delete a page artboard that is a responsive screen variant, nothing gets deleted - it’s just a view.

When you delete a page or component artboard corresponding to a variant, that variant will get deleted (along with its overrides).

When you delete a combination artboard, that’s just a view, so the variants won’t get deleted.

I’m seeing the overrides getting removed on the page when deleting the variant, but this is not happening on my end on the component. I had a global variant for dark theme and I’m slowly taking care of removing the variant from each component, but just deleting the view is not taking off the overrides.

Oh got it, yes, global variants are like screen variants. In these cases, removing an artboard hides the view, and doesn’t delete the variant. I don’t think there is anything to conveniently override all the variant settings currently, but will pass this feedback to the team