Deploy the pages from env to another env (i.e: Dev env to stage env as well stage env to PROD env)

How do we configure environment and deploy the pages from env to another env (i.e: Dev env to stage env as well stage env to PROD env) ?

Hi, we have the following article which goes into depth on this very topic, please let me know if you have any questions on it!

Hi @yang

How do we push the changes from dev plasmic studio to stage plasmic stuido which is on-premise envrionments instead of using “tags” approach ?

Hi, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this, but I don’t know enough about your specific environment, why you can’t use tags, etc. - are you able to provide more context? But this shouldn’t be specific to Plasmic - can you treat Plasmic like you would any other data source API?


Lets say, we have 3 environments like dev, stage,production. As part of tags process, one page is moved to production by adding prod tag. After that if we want to make changes in same page then we would remove the prod tag again provide another tag. It might be cumbersome to handle 3 envs in single host.

Instead of that, we will create 3 instances (hosts) called dev,stage,production. We will push changes from dev to stage which are approved in dev env. similarlly will move changes from stage to production once confirmed in stage env. If we want to make changes, will do in dev env directly without hussle and stage and prod env should be intact. There is chance to give stage access to client. In this case, we cannot make changes smoothly if we have single host.

we are planning to fetch data models information with plasmic APIs in React JS application

can you give reply for above if possible?