Deploying two Plasmic projects to Vercel.

Hello everyone! Can I deploy two Plasmic projects on Vercel that use one app host (a design system deployed to Vercel)? What do I need to configure to achieve this?
I have a Next.js app with design system components deployed on Vercel. I created a Design System project in Plasmic that uses this app as a host. I created some components in this project. Then, I created two different website projects that use the Design System project and the same app host. I added three project IDs and tokens to the Plasmic Loader in my Next.js app. When I deploy these websites on Vercel via a webhook call, I see a kind of mixture of two projects. What did I do wrong?

Hi, ultimately you are trying to deploy two different applications. So there’s a few approaches you can take

The simplest one is to use a single code base that powers both applications. Have an environment variable that configures which application you are running, with two possible values.

Consult this environment variable when constructing the init plasmic loader call to decide which project IDs to pass in. For each application, you should be passing in two project ids, the design system product ID and the application project ID.

Deploy this code base to two different projects on Vercel. Each project should configure a different value for the environment variable.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Yeah, it works for me. Thank you so much:relaxed: