Design looks right in edit and preview, but wrong in production

I have been struggling a lot with issues like this lately…
• Designer: Looks good (image 1)
• Preview: Looks good (image 2)
• Render: Looks bad (image 3)
Project: k5wi36LTCNmnJb5rh2sgis
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I think it is related to the styled text … but not sure (3rd item in the horz stack (image 4)





Hey @rear_vole! Can you share the deployed website url?

@samuel here:

capture it soon pls. We are overwriting this within the next 5-10 minutes

I am going away from the inline styles and over to just using individual texts in a horz stack

thank you @samuel

@samuel you should still be able to see the bug here: (once the next publish is done) … I have fixed the issue by going away from the inline styles

I had a similar issue I spent hours trying to fix a couple of days ago with a newline in a text-field… margin got added to the top there as well…

@samuel similar issue:

left is designer, right is production