"Detected multiple code components with teh same unique name: hostless-plasmic-head"

we just started getting this error after the latest Plasmic release… any ideas how to address it?

CleanShot 2022-08-24 at 22.07.49.png

my guess is that this is from one of the plugins since we don’t have components with that name, but I can’t load the Studio UI to verify

Could you send me your project id


actually, that looks like a copy. The main project is uMEXGwQ7i2iowartZ1eZYE but both have the same problem

Same for mine, project ID p6PfTjgBBQwHH6gmNZ72cq

Sorry about that; we’re working on a fix!

So glad you posted this I just got this after making an aggressively large change set and was 100% sure it was a mistake on my end

I was working on a project and suddenly after a plasmic update this error appeared

Could you try doing a hard-reload on your project page? ctrl+shift+r

or hit F12, right-click on the reload button, then select “Empty cache and hard reload”

Works for me, I’m back in. Thank you!

Empty cache was required here. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

Resolved for me too. Thanks for being so on top of it!

Good to hear, sorry for the outage :disappointed: