Dialog component - No Trigger variant not working

Dialog component - Enabling No Trigger variant doesn’t do anything - the button is still displayed, even though the trigger slot appears to be hidden. Is this normal?

Thanks for reporting!

You can get an updated Dialog component by going to the top toolbar component dropdown > New > New component > Dialog (you can optionally first delete your old Dialog component)

Or if you are already too dependent on your existing Dialog component, you can fix it by double clicking into editing it, and then changing the trigger slot target’s visibility to Not Rendered

Hmmm… attempting to get an updated Dialog as described (top toolbar component dropdown > New > New component > Dialog) ended up in a white page/crash.

Thanks for reporting! We’ll fix…

Just to confirm… it’s: Top toolbar component dropdown > New > New component > Pick from component template > Dialog ?

Yep, and I was able to repro.

Another way for now is to just insert Dialog directly from the insert menu, after having deleted your existing Dialog component

I deleted a bunch of them, but I still have one in use I can’t delete just yet. I’ll try your fix next.

Strangely, I think the Dialog still in use (one I had added a few days ago) seems to work fine. Only dialogs added recently have this issue.

Ok, after adding a new Dialog via the Insert menu, the No trigger now works correctly. Thanks!