Dialogue component body size

What are you trying to do? (please be as specific as possible and include relevant screenshots, code snippets, and reproduction steps)

I would like to increase the size of the slot: body of the dialogue component to be able to fit larger objects.

Here is an illustration of a problem I am having:

What have you tried so far? (please link relevant docs and other forum posts)

I could not find the control for the size of the slot:body
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Hi, thanks for reporting, we will be investigating it.

Hey, thanks. Does this mean this could be a bug or is it still possible that I am missing a parameter somewhere?

You can give a fixed height to the vertical stack that contains the list of collapse elements (e.g. 400px), and set its Overflow property to “Scroll” in the Design tab.

It looks like the approach you are suggesting allows me to reduce the size of the content, which doesn’t really work for my use case. I would like to be able to increase the size of the dialogue window itself, as I want to build complex UI inside of it. And this might require a larger width and height of the dialogue window.

I have found the solution and it is an obvious one.
The dialogue window size can be edited by editing the dialogue component itself, not the objects within slots.