Displaying message on form submission.

Hi, i have been able to store my plasmic form data to Supabase integrated database table but now i want to show success and error messages on form submission how should i do that.
Thank you.

After the action that stores your data into Supabase you can use another action to update a state variable.

You can get the response of the update action using the $steps variable. You then set that to the state variable.

Then passed on the state variable you can change the visibility of your success and error messages.

hi, sorry but i could not understand please elaborate a bit

Also, is there a way to store multiple checkbox values to same column in supabase database table

Yes. You need a tiny bit of JavaScript to get and concatenate the values but you can do that and store them as a comma delimited string.

Then to use the values later you’d have to pause out the values again in JavaScript.

I find storing multiple values to the same column messy and much more complicated that storing them in individual columns.

But the checkbox values are related to a question should i store them in different columns?

That would be my recommendation. Normalized data is easier to query, report on and update. Denormalized data,“storing multiple values in one column” make all that more difficult, though still possible.

I recommend watching a video or doing a quick course on database normalization