DNS issue fetching via API

Hey all! First of all, I started using plasmic very recently and I absolutely love it. All running super smooth until just now. Fetching the page data via the API results in the following error FetchError: request to <https://codegen.plasmic.app/api/v1/loader/code/preview?platform=nextjs&projectId=poKQNv6xkeMV1TnfpVHVmC> failed, reason: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN [codegen.plasmic.app](http://codegen.plasmic.app) . I’ve been working with the API without issues for a week now without any issues

Hi Daniel! Welcome! That looks like a DNS issue. Is it happening from your local machine or from some external server? Can you try dig [codegen.plasmic.app](http://codegen.plasmic.app) to check if your end is able to resolve that name?