Do I have ultimate control of the final rendered HTML?

ngl, I’m blown away by everything I’ve seen in regards to Plasmic. I’ve been reading the docs, watching videos, including some of the stuff Mr. Biscuit has demonstrated, imported from Figma, played around with the studio, exported code into Astro (REST API) and really like where you’re going with it so far.

But none of what I’ve seen matters if the final code it spits out doesn’t clear QC.

With that, will the resulting rendered code be a bunch of random styled divs or do I have 100% control of the finished output?

Can I edit every Plasmic component and how it ultimately renders? And not just my own components? Or is that capability only available for my own components, where I reverse the component creation process back toward Prismic from my side?

This is the barrier I’ve always had when considering the use of any no/low code services out there; although Plasmic seems to have gone the furthest in that regard and I’m really hoping I’m just missing something.

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the kind words!

Most users use the loader / headless api, which renders your designs via api. There is also code generation, which is much more complex and more for you to manage as a developer.

Code generation is intended to let you continue editing within plasmic while taking control of component behavior from code. This is achieved by clearly separating what is owned by you the developer and what is owned by plasmic, and having a well defined interface between them. So generally you are not expected to edit the plasmic generated code.

You can always choose to eject from plasmic and do whatever you want with the code, but it was not designed to be human editable. We will be adding another dialect of code generation which is simply always ejects you from using plasmic further and just generates more idiomatic react code.

In addition, if you use the model api, you can read the raw underlying representation of plasmic projects and generate code yourself however you would like.

Let me know if that answers your questions.

Hi @yang, thanks for the reply!

This sounds interesting. Being able to use Plasmic as “bespoke React component generator” of sorts, for our own projects. Is there an ETA for that, by chance? How would something like that fit into your current pricing plans?

You’re referring to this? Get started with the Project Model API | Learn Plasmic - I realize this method is a DIY, but are there any example/repos where this is being implemented, by chance?

@natetronn No ETA on it, but we’re actively working on it. It would be available for free.

(Project model API is very new, no real examples yet of it unfortunately)

Great, thank you!