Does publishing in Plasmic affect the existing website?

The developers here have a Nextjs JamSack development environment, so I want to publish my React components in Plasmic for use in this environment.

Just to confirm. When you publish to Vercel or any another CI/CD pipeline, nothing about Plasmic is Published is it, in effect completely seperate from Plasmic?

More specifically, do you see any thing stopping me from publishing all my components as an npm package in the form of an Azure artefact?

Publishing on Plasmic will publish the pages you publish show up in your site if you integrate it as follows:

I have 2 use cases.

  1. Publishes pages as normal
  2. Publish, just the code Components and the Tokens
    Maybe I’m thinking of this the wrong way, as this may have nothing to do with Plasmic, and I simple need a watch on the folders containing components and Tokens. When a change happens it kicks of a CI/DD pipeline.

In saying that, it would be very cool to publish these assets via Plasmic UI. In the same way Figma can Publish Libraries (see image).

Sound like a nice feature request @yang?

When you say publish just the code components and tokens, you mean as something like an npm package? If so, I would probably separate these into different plasmic projects, since they don’t really have to do with each other.

Even if you end up using the components inside of your project featuring pages, you probably want to use the version of them that came from the npm package since presumably you are adding code logic and behavior to them using the overrides API in codegen?

OK, so going back to the original question.
For the code components and token Plasmic project, can you confirm that I can publish this so that it kicks off a CI/CD pipeline and create an npm package?

Yep, you can set up a webhook to kick off any other workflow such as a CI/CD pipeline that creates an npm package