Does Shopify have Product Compare Price?

hey guys! does Shopify package components have a Product Compare Price among with Product Price? wouldn’t be great to have this package as public in github for contribution? that way we can help with more features and in the future be possible to construct an entire functional ecommerce

Hello @old_bug. You can check all the available (and not yet available) Components in the Component Store in this repo. There are some guidelines for how you can create/contribute/test the packages yourself. We would love to have more contributions!

Feel free to send a DM with questions. The shopify components are here in commerce and shopify

thanks a lot! I am taking a look and will soon start the contribution. maybe the compare price is a good start

Hey @old_bug, really happy to see your interest in contributing to us. Just adding to @icaro’s reply. Our commerce components are written upon the next.js commerce We have posted a guide on developing on next.js commerce that can help you understand how it works easily ( Let us know if we can help you. :blush: