Domain not linking to new project.

ok so i made an another project before which linked my domain to it, but i now removed it and is trying to move the domain to my new project, but it doesnt work even though the old project is deleted, could someone delete my domain from the database? also when i try to host it via the plasmic hosting it says error try again later.


could you try it again?

Thank you it worked, but in the preview, (i did the vercel landing page tutorial) it shows the space background, but when i publish it, then it isnt there. what do i do?

Because the code component is already there and it works in preview


Bascically, i copied the already done vercel landing page and change it to my liking, when i published it, the sky background isnt there but when i preview it is

Hi! Actually at the moment Plasmic hosting doesn’t support custom host and code components :pensive: You’ll have to set up your own repo and deploy to vercel instead

thank you

Hi, i uploaded it to vercel and its still the same, is there anything i need to setup like custom host or something?

You can follow their guide for custom domain here

Be sure to remove the domain from your Plasmic project first! You can do so from the publish dialog in Plasmic

Yes, i assigned the domain now to using vercel, but the background (code component) still doesnt appear as a background

it looks like the Stars code component isn’t being registered on your page… are you calling PLASMIC.registerComponent() in your linked repo?

No, how do I do that? :slightly_smiling_face:

how are you currently deploying to vercel - are you linking your github repo with the Stars component?

nope, how do i do that?

when you created a new project in vercel, it should’ve asked you to import a git repository; that’s usually when the linking happens