Doubts about Plasmic pricing

Hello :wave: I have some doubts about the price of plasmic.

  1. Is there a bandwidth limit for images?
  2. What does the limit of page views per month mean?


  1. There is currently no bandwidth limit on images
  2. This is the number of views of any page containing plasmic designs. This is not currently enforced, but we are signposting this in advance

Okay but how do you calculate the number of visited pages if, for example, I have generated the page statically with nextjs?

Plasmic generated code instruments client side analytics (which will also be used for analytics features)

Great, that makes a lot of sense to me, I think plasmic is great and I’m going to start using it in my projects.

I have 2 other questions

  1. What does “Up to 3 editors per project” mean?

That means up to three people who have edit access

  1. Will prices remain the same over time? or are you in some kind of beta face?

And what is the difference between collaborators and editors?

We are not in a beta phase. Prices can always change, but we will give advance notice on any such planned changes

Collaborators are anyone with access

I really appreciate the information, I will definitely start using plasmic for my projects and those of my team.

As feedback I can tell you that it would be incredible if they added all these details that we talked about in the prices section of your page. It can be very useful, the more details a client has, the easier it will be for them to use your services (at least that is my case and that of my team)