"Dragging and dropping component freezes Plasmic projects"

Recently, I’ve been getting this issue with all my Plasmic projects, where if I drag and drop a component, the whole website freezes. I can’t click anything. I have to refresh the page If I want to get it running it. And I get this weird glitching on the scrollbar of the sidebar.

Let me see if I understood it correctly, every element that you try to insert it freezes the studio, but then you refresh, which then shows you the element there ? Could you send me this project to see if I can replicate this issue ?

It doesn’t show me the element. I can start working on something else after refresh. But can’t drag and drop any element no matter what I do. And I get this issue in every Project. Even if I create a new blank one

Instead of drag and dropping, could you try to click in the element and see if the issue persists ?

When I click the the element it doesn’t freeze

Does it unblocks you for now ? We will be looking into what is causing the dragging error

Thanx. It does

@fmota BTY ti give you context.@romantic_thrush is working with me on the Chakra UI project.

I think this issue has now been resolved @fmota. It was related to an older project which has a script running for a chat feature bottom right:


But do you know if the issue is fully on the script or is there something in Plasmic that we would need to look into ? I didn’t fully understood if the chat feature had some kind of blocker that was messing up the drag and drop capabilities in the Studio

I’ll have to keep an eye on this and see if it appears again. Then Get back to you