Duplicate items in Marquee component.

Hi, I am using Marquee component and encountered this issue multiple times. The issue is that at some point, after certain action, the items gets duplicated. Could you please look into it? First I tried to do everything again from scratch, but appears that the issue is again the same.

Link: https://studio.plasmic.app/projects/w9nzuLszd58gAGB6Kz4XnE/-/Homepage?arena_type=page&arena=_xdy7Qhissle

Adding screenshot from the preview.

hmm it appears “Center Mode” for this slider carousel was causing this… I’ve turned this off for now and will dig some more

Okay, also, @chungwu could you explain why it shows only two slides if there is total of 8 vertical stacks inside children? :confused: Basically, I want this slider to autoplay one slide at a time :pray: