Dynamic page not rendering correctly.

Hello all!
I know there was a release about improving dynamic pages… but we are experiencing an issue and we have NO clue on whats going on…
we have a dynamic page with variants in it and dynamic code reading the url param and using that to set the variation to be shown… now it was rendering something totally different on our nextjs app and we were going kinda nuts trying to figure out what was wrong, BUT just noticed the actual live preview is also working bad (so actually vercel is honoring whgat the preview shows) can I get some help @chungwu @yang @icaro? opening a thread →

This is the project wmZw4NrxE9fNqZ6Qj9u9Ki please go to this page “TMR-HE-Rates-Reviews-variants” you’ll see that we have an URL parameter called channel, we also have variants and dynamic value setting that. we have a variant called t so please try to set the url param to that value and then live preview… something totally different appear (thats actually another different page)

even see how in the variants dropdown options are totally wrong

this is 1 example and I think might be others

someone on my team copied the project and reported that the fresh copy was working fine

can it be just a plasmic internal caching issue?

in the last screenshot you can see that not only the variant dropdown is wrong, is the actual slug getting rendered

it shows /home-equity/heloc-rates[channel] but I’m trying to preview /home-equity/heloc-rates-reviews[channel]

the one that is showing has changed it slug and become private

This really feels like plasmic internal caching bug

(cause as mentioned above, someone reported that on a duplicated project this was not happening…)

@productive_duck Thanks for the detailed report, we’ll be digging into it!

(And yes we can confirm reproducing the issue)

Hi @productive_duck! Dynamic page paths with square brackets that are not between slashes are not supported. Can you try changing your URL to paths like /home-equity/heloc-rates/[channel] and /home-equity/heloc-rates/[channel]/reviews?

Hello tiago… but that is a new thing? cause it was working before,;… and in this case, the dynamic piece is actually something like


see how that trailing piece is what should be dynamic?

so I can’t really convert the paths like that (urls are already used out in the public, we just need to migrate the current implementation to plasmic)

Hmmmmm, it’s weird that it worked before. The problem is that if you have a URL like /home-equity/heloc-rates-reviews-xxx how can we tell if you want to see /home-equity/heloc-rates[channel] (channel: -reviews-xxx) or /home-equity/heloc-rates-reviews[channel] (channel: -xxx)? Both paths match.

oh i see