Dynamic path incorrectly changed.

Hey everyone… we are seeing an error when changing tryng to set a dynamic path
we want /home-insurance/compare/quote-ma-[channel] and system is changing it to /home-insurance/compare/quote-ma/[channel]
We were already using similars one to the first one previously and still are so not sure what is happening

is this a new validation that was added?

Hi, yes this is indeed a new validation - the issue is that the former was unfortunately not actually a valid path pattern in common frameworks like Next.js (it was mostly an accident that it worked before)

mmmm I think that breaking changes like this should have a previous communication and a grace period to move out from that… it’s even in the documentation

@productive_duck You are right, we were looking for existing projects that used this but I suspect we didn’t look hard enough in this case - will look into what happened but sorry for that, and thanks for pointing out the docs bug!