Dynamically reverse columns in column component with boolean

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Hey there, is there a way to dynamically set the reverse styling value using props in a component? for example I have a side by side component, text on one side and image on the other. I really only need to have one component to make multiple of these one after the other it’d be nice to be able to swap the image from left to right using the reverse styling prop. Is that possible? or perhaps there is a different way to achieve this without having to make opposite components?

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I’m not sure there is much I can do as the reverse button only has a checkbox which cant be tied into a prop

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Styling in Plasmic can’t be set with dynamic values. Instead, you can use a toggle variant to change the styles (docs on variants: Variants | Learn Plasmic). When you insert a component with a toggle variant, you’ll be able to set the toggle variant as if it were a boolean prop.

Ah ok that makes sense, got it to work now, thank you!