Edit code and view in Plasmic.

Hi everyone, i have just jumped on here as a product manager, looking to help my team both developers, UI/UX and I guess myself to help where i can.

With Plasmic, can i edit the code and see it appear in Plasmic?

i notice on the pricing it has views etc, is that views from a team stand point, or users who would use the site when it is go live?

Hi, you can edit code in your own react components and use them as building blocks within plasmic. This feature is called code components. You can use these to build up your pages and other components authored within plasmic.

You can furthermore take the designs that you built in plasmic and integrate them into your code base. This includes the ability to pass props and overrides into your Plasmic components from your code base.

You can also choose to eject from plasmic and walk away with generated code that you can then edit. What you can’t do is edit this code and then bring that back into plasmic.

For the pricing, it covers the page views of the published site.