Editable text input in Plasmic codegen.

Hey! I was wondering, in plasmic codegen - text input component, what is a common solution to have text that needs to be edited?

Tried adding autoFocus: true to the text input, and in the parent component, set text input to be not visible in base variant, and to be visible when isEditing variant is true

In base variant, the text input is hidden

In is editing variant, the text input is visible

Hi @sincere_walrus, that’s almost there!

Can you try the following?

  1. Select the text element
  2. Add an onclick interaction
  3. Make it switch to the variant showing the input
  4. In your base variant, select the input from the outline, and make sure it’s visibility is set to not rendered instead of just not visible
    Let me know if that works for you

Hi @yang Yes, it works perfect! thank you!!!